Text Box: Indian Classic Tournament Information
Text Box: Tournament Entry Information for Participating Schools
Entry Fee: Call Coach Baker for details. Team. There is a JV Tournament for the participating schools with a $25.00 entry fee.  Please make checks payable to St. Stephens High School.  Your check should be received by Thursday, December 5th, 2002
Seeding will be done on Friday night before the tournament.
Please fax your lineup to 828-256-7159 by Friday at 3:00 PM or call 828-256-9841 ext. 128.  
Your line up is FINAL.
Wrestlers who do not make weight are out of the tournament and will forfeit their scheduled matches.
No changes will be made. 
This is done to reduce the time of the seed meeting and get the tournament started earlier.  It is our intention to have as many weights pre-seeded as possible.

Seeding Criteria
Seeding will be done by records with a minimum of 8 matches.
Add a Wrestler’s record form last year to his current record to get a total. This is the record that will be faxed to the school.  The winning percentage will be used for seeding.
If a Wrestler is a ninth grader or did not wrestle last year, send their current record. Losses will be added to reach the 8 match minimum.  For example: a 9th grader is 5-0, his record for seeding will be 5-3.
The only seeding to be done Saturday morning will be in the event that a weight class has two wrestlers with the same winning percentage. The winner in head to head matches will get the higher seed.  If wrestlers have not net, there will be a coin toss.
Byes will be drawn out of a hat.

No Food or Drinks will be allowed in the gym.

There will be space outside the gym available for wrestler’s coolers and a concession stand will be open.




The gym will be open to check weight

7:30– 8:30

Official Weigh In Period

8:30 – 9:00

Coaches Meeting


Clearing of the Gym to Clarify Public

Admissions Fee


Wrestling Begins

Order of Rounds

1st Session – Championship First Round

2nd Session –  Championship Semi-Finals

3rd Session –  Consolation First  Round


Lunch Break


4th Session –  Consolation Semi–Finals

5th Session – Consolation Finals




6th Round –  Championship Finals & Awards