That's my little boy

Mat two

He's on deck

He's the one who tries to look so confident

While I sit here a wreck


I sit watching nervously

Biting my nails and shaking in my seat

Praying for a victory

And not a quick defeat


Please don't let him be hurt

Please let him be all right

After all this is why he practices so hard

Almost every night


I'll just suffer through it

And give him my support

Wondering why sometimes

He ever chose this sport


But when it's finally over and he makes it through "the three"

Nothing can beat the look on his face

That look of VICTORY!

The look that says "I did it, hey Mom, did you see?"


And when the Ref holds up his hand

I know why he chose this sport

And when the victory goes the other way

I still give him my support


There's always next time as long as you try

A Mom never fails to say

You're always a champion in my eyes son,

 and you'll always be that way


A Mom is a wrestler's biggest fan

Cause she knows what's in his heart

She knows his dedication

 and how he tries so hard


It's hard for a Mom to sit and watch

As her son gets pinned

And it's hard not to get emotional

 as you watch your baby win


Seeing his eyes search for you

while you're sitting in the stands

Making sure you saw every move turn out

 just the way he planned


Because every wrestler knows

That his Mom is his biggest fan!

Text Box: A Wrestler’s Biggest Fan
By Jo Ann